Product Discovery
Validate your business idea to create the product your customers need.
All great products start with a clear strategy that defines the direction of the project and aligns the entire organization towards a common objective, alleviating pain points, and delivering high value in short time periods.

At Bixlabs, we work closely with our clients to understand their vision, create a detailed product roadmap, validate hypotheses, and prioritize app features to meet business goals and users' needs.
It doesn't matter where you are in your product's life cycle. We become your long-term partner, ready to help you build a product from scratch or improve your existing solution.

Our team of talented Product Managers, Designers, and Developers will work side-by-side with you, and as a team, we will turn your idea into a viable product. After launch, we continue to provide constant support and product innovation to reach success.
How we do it?
Initial Assessment
The initial assessment helps us align with your goals and manage your expectations. It also allows us to identify the problem, the market segment, and the product's value proposition.
Product Conception
Here's where we translate your ideas into cases for validation and define the scope of the product. We come up with a list of features for the app, and we prioritize them aiming to reduce risks, to deliver high value, and to achieve a fast release to the market.
UX/UI Design
In this phase, we establish the core experience of the product. Using lo-fi wireframes, we determine the information structure, the functional components, and the visual architecture of the app. 

Based on your market segment, we define the branding and graphic elements of your product. Then we turn wireframes into real screens, so you can have a clear understanding of the app's look and feel.
We build a high-definition prototype capable of triggering authentic and emotional responses from users. It's the first opportunity we have to put the app in front of a real audience. 

The goal of this step is obtaining measurable feedback and validating the market response. Prototyping also helps us to address concerns and to anticipate possible design flaws before fully committing to the development stage.
We create a detailed roadmap outlining the different hypotheses to test and decisions to make regarding the product, and prioritizing them. 

We also present the projections and work-estimates for the app features and provide recommendations about the architecture, technologies, and integrations the MVP should include.
Why Bixlabs?
We work for your product’s success
We become your close partner, working side-by-side with you, keeping your product lean and high impact, allowing it to innovate, validate, and grow faster than your competitors.
We've mastered the process
Over the years, we've developed an integrated process that goes from validating your hypothesis, all the way through building a user-centered solution.
We are the right team
We have a highly qualified, multidisciplinary team with years of experience in the field, always looking to learn and innovate in every project.
Build the web app you need and your clients deserve

Awesome projects we have worked on

What our clients say

"Their deliverables have always been on time and high quality. We are very happy with the work that Bixlabs did, especially their exceptional project management and the overall high quality of the work they delivered."

John McCawley
CEO, The Digital Garage

"They developed our product from scratch and it is tremendous. The developers are excellent, providing skilled development services who have worked on a high-quality product that is able to demo to users. Working within the existing team, they fit in well and communicate effectively using Slack, email, and Jira."

Rich Sutton
CTO, Theta Lake

"Bixlabs really met us on equal footing. Thanks to Bixlabs' precise construction, the initial solution attracted enthusiastic responses from medical staff and parents alike. The team's compelling designs, attentiveness, and top-notch workflow organization continue to boost productivity."

Yaya Ren
Co-Founder, PreeMe + You

"Their strongest area is in technical documentation. Always providing excellent development services, Bixlabs are technically competent and professional at all times. They managed the project well through daily communication and a dedicated project manager, with particularly effective organizational skills."

Neil Whitney
Co-Founder, Menud

"I found every person from Bixlabs to be knowledgeable in their respective field, and very reliable. Strengths included the ability to strategically guide startups and communicate with non-technical clients. Assigned resources were knowledgeable, reliable, and proactive."

Trish Gilbert
Founder, Date My Friend

"We have a well-organized project, thanks to Bixlabs. The final app has received over 5,000 downloads along with good feedback. Bixlabs is communicative and organized, making it easy to track where fees are going. They are personable and easy to talk to with great English."

Alex Bullington
CEO, Arbit

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