Custom Product Development
Build a custom digital product from scratch based on your specific business needs.
As your company grows, so does your business needs and your users' expectations. If you want to succeed in today's market, your product must evolve along with those changes. Your product needs to be able to scale and adapt to your business requirements and be flexible enough to support each iteration.

Our Custom Product Development service helps you define, build, and deploy your app precisely as you envisioned it.

At Bixlabs, we help entrepreneurs transform their innovative ideas into successful products from scratch. Following a comprehensive product discovery process, we help you validate your market segment, the problem to solve, and the value proposition.
We define a clear strategy and a roadmap to begin working on the app's development, putting together a dedicated team for the project and using Clean Architecture guidelines, Agile methodologies, and modern technologies.

A great app never stops improving. Once the MVP is released to the market, we employ users' feedback to implement new features and keep iterating the product. At the end of the project, we transfer the product's ownership and knowledge to your in-house team to ensure they can manage and give maintenance to the app as it grows.
How we do it
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Product Envisioning

Product Envisioning is the first step of our Custom Product Development process. During this stage, we gather the information required to design and develop a product to meet your vision, expectations, and customer needs.

Before writing the first line of code, we define the product roadmap based on market risks and logical dependencies. We prioritize every decision so that each action delivers value, reduces risk as quickly as possible, and avoids taking unnecessary steps back.
Product Envisioning stage includes:
Initial Assessment: a clear understanding of all critical aspects of your business and the project as a whole.
Product Scoping: an initial product backlog or list of features written according to our standards.
Project Planning:
- Analysis of the best technologies to use and defining team resources.
- Establishing a preliminary roadmap with a series of incremental product versions.
- A high-level project plan outlying time and cost projections.

Need more exhaustive product definition and UX validation? We recommend you check out our Product Discovery service.
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During this stage, we build the product exactly as envisioned and defined in the previous step. Following Clean Architecture guidelines and Agile methodologies, we conduct an iterative software development process in which we add incremental value to the product by prioritizing and implementing new features, fixing bugs, and adjusting the design as needed.
Development stage includes:
- UX/UI design refinement and asset organization.
- Iterative software development
using the best-fit technologies for project.
- Project management
following Scrum and Agile methodologies.
- Technical leadership
with a strong focus on user experience and efficient performance.
- Continuous testing
to ensure the product meets the highest quality standards.
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Once the Development phase is completed, whether we are building an MVP or developing a new iteration, we ensure your product's launch follows the best practices and quality standards.

But our work doesn't stop there. After the release, we employ users' feedback and performance analysis to improve the app for future versions.
Launch stage includes:
- Ensuring the product complies with all the app stores' requirements.
- Conducting a stable app deployment, making sure the process and the operations involved occur without any inconvenience.
- Creating a security backup of the previous version of the app.
- Ensuring stable updates without compromising the product's functions and making sure there are no data loss, system crashes, or errors.

A solution for both your
customers and your business

Flexibility & Scalability: Be able to scale and adapt your product as your company grows, without compromising your app's core rules and structure.
Competitive advantage: Obtain an edge over your competition by offering a product designed to meet your users' specific needs.
Works on all devices: Allow your customers to access your platform anytime, from any device, be it desktop or mobile.
Product ownership: Have full control over your product's data, operations, features, and updates.
Security: Reduce the risks of security breaches and malicious threats.
Fast Integration: Be able to seamlessly integrate your app with other systems or services from the outset.
Why Bixlabs?
We work for your product's success
We become your close partner, working side-by-side with you, keeping your product lean and high impact, allowing it to innovate, validate, and grow faster than your competitors.
We are the right team
We have a highly qualified team of designers and developers with years of experience in the field, always looking to learn and innovate in every project.
We have the expertise
Over the years, we've helped startups and large companies build successful digital products. We use an iterative custom product development process that allows us to ensure your app aligns perfectly with your users' needs and expectations.
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and your clients deserve

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