The Client

Theta Lake is an enterprise tool that helps apply regulations to videos, audio, and documents. Theta Lake is specially designed and built with enterprise environments in mind. It is founded by entrepreneurs and enterprise technology builders with decades of leadership recognition by Global 100 customers and top industry analysts.

Theta Lake uses AI and Deep Learning to detect compliance risks in video collaboration, video marketing, social video, call recordings, and other rich media content. Detections feed into intuitive, AI-assisted supervision workflow with secure retention and compliant archiving options.

The idea behind it is that companies would automatically be able to apply legal regulations
to their in-company conversations by indexing videos, audio, and other criteria so they can identify flaws and other weaknesses that appear on them.

The idea behind it is that companies would automatically be able to apply legal regulations
to their in-company conversations by indexing videos, audio, and other criteria so they can identify flaws and other weaknesses that appear on them.


Our relationship with Theta Lake progressed quickly. Rich and Devin (our wonderful clients) came to us with the need for a frontend development team that could work closely with their in-house design and backend team, so we started there.

As time passed and they saw the results of our hard work, they entrusted us with more responsibilities and challenging tasks. Halfway through the project, they needed a Go developer on their backend, and we were happy to help them.

As a next step, they asked for a Ruby on Rails developer to continue to support their backend. We also assisted for the DevOps part, providing information about continuous integrations and delivery tools to help with the decision-making of which tool to use.

Due to the level of involvement that we gained from working with our client, we ended up assembling the project from scratch. This meant creating everything from the beginning and devising the whole structure of the application around their existing backend design. All that hard work allowed us to assume the technical leadership of the frontend as well.

In conclusion, after a year of work, Bixlabs became a fundamental part of their team assuming the technical leadership of the product frontend and solving key technical challenges for the project.

The way we worked

At Bixlabs we were working remotely with Theta Lake's team following the Scrum methodology, the most widely-used lightweight process framework for agile development. This framework encourages frequent inspection, adaptation, teamwork, and self-organization for best results. Take a look how we implemented it:

Developmet with dailies
Developmet with dailies


3 Developers


tech (Regtech)


San Mateo
United States


Started: September 2017 —


Rich Sutton (CTO)
Devin Redmond (CEO/

We also travel to
meet each other

It's awesome to be working so actively and involved with someone who's across the planet, but one of the best things about that was when we get to meet each other in person. Our developers traveled from three different countries to meet with our client in Ecuador, Mexico and Costa Rica to get to know each other and collaborate, and clearly had a great time doing so.

Since we are very proud of being organized and efficient, we make code-reviews among ourselves to ensure high quality code, and the client reviews functionality to make sure his vision is well represented.

We have a lot of experience on the best methods of testing. We understand what makes sense and what does not while taking into consideration the very high (~ 93%) coverage that automated testing delivers. We do an end-to-end test, integration test and unit tests, which all together allow us to do things fearlessly. We guarantee this method to help the quality of the project immensely, making it more stable.

We believe this process is one of the reasons we are successful with each product we develop, and are constantly seeking to improve our team's effectiveness.

The results are in

In the first year of working on this project the initial milestones are complete:
• the first version of the application is up and running and it was done within customer's time and budget
• it is able to process video, documents and audio as well as integrate user groups, permissions and workflows with diagrams
• it allows the definition of rules e.g. that nobody speaks of a certain topic, and if that happens the system does its job

So, what's next? Since the product is working as our client expected, we are also working in the backend, making us a very active and involved player for Theta Lake. We get a lot of feedback from the client because he's on top of his product, which allows us to have better development, without wasting time, ensuring the success of the project.

With multiple patents pending, Theta Lake is looking to alleviate the compliance and regulatory risks of video and audio communication for the enterprise by modernizing communication compliance, and we were a fundamental part of it! We are very happy to accompany Theta Lake on this path as entrepreneurs and feel we have contributed to their success, which in turn allowed us to grow as a team into more experienced developers.

The voice of our client

"They developed our product from
scratch and it is tremendous."

"The developers are excellent, providing skilled development services who have worked on a high-quality product that is able to demo to users. Working within the existing team, they fit in well and communicate effectively using Slack, email, and Jira."

Rich Sutton
CTO, Theta Lake

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