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The Client

SurgeMaker is a tool provided by Gearstream, a consultancy specializing in Agile processes. Their application suite focuses on measuring and improving Agile processes.

We've been part of their development team since 2014, and started with their iPad app and have continued to help evolve SurgeMaker into a web app.

The Task

A cloud-based app that allows for data-driven, evidence-based coaching for Agile development teams. SurgeMaker measures key elements necessary for Agile capability and mastery, and was inspired by 300 successful reference Agile implementations.

A tool for tracking the progress of teams using a development methodology.

You are able to create your own methodology or adapt one that already exists to your needs (like Scrum).Know where the team is lacking, what to improve, what to keep doing well, and what to stop doing.

Tech Stack