Strongbox focuses on medical and dental patience's finance and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).

The Client

Strongbox is a cloud-based healthcare provider that focuses on patience’s finance and revenue cycle management (RCM) platforma s a service (PaaS). It has focused on the medical and dental industries.

StrongBox provides patients with desired payment alternatives to create “self-financed” installment plans as well as third party financing from our pool of up to 15 lenders. This application enhances practice profitability and efficiency in a secure PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant web-based environment.


1 Project Manager, 1 developer


Florida, USA


April 2018 - Ongoing

The Task

The task was to built it from scratch, in terms of design and implementation. After evaluating the features and functions they wanted, we created a design that suit their brand and could display all the information and graphics needed.

Once the design was ready, our Development team took over. They worked  on the front-end using JavaScript, HTML and CSS (annual report, cash flow report,  operation costs).

The result was an app that could track  monthly and annual money flow, with a consistent visual and clear design, including the way the reports were presented. Those reports could also be sorted and filtered.

Tech Stack