Improving the quality of life for premature babies and their families.

The Client

Preeme+you facilitates the communication between parents of premature babies and medical teams. The web app accompanies parents along the stages of their baby's development, improving parental care and quality of life for the infants and their families.

Integrated by an international medical team from the United States, Chile, and Taiwan, Preeme+You has been working in the neonatal healthcare division for years.

The Task

When Preeme+you's team came to us, they had already conducted exhaustive research and created a pen-and-paper system used by different healthcare facilities.

The startup was looking to solve a problem parents of premature babies frequently face: doctors and health professionals have very busy schedules, and they don't have the necessary time to provide in-depth information on the stages a premature baby goes through. This situation causes a lot of anxiety for many parents.

We teamed up with Preeme+you to design and develop a responsive web application to tackle this problem. We focused on creating an intuitive user experience, implementing key features, and making adjustments in the platform's underlying logic to ensure a seamless performance.

Preeme+You's product aims to reduce parents' stress by allowing them to proactively monitor their baby's progress and receiving feedback and information, rather than waiting for doctor interaction.

Shortly after its initial release, the MVP earned important recognition among medical teams from one of the largest conferences for neonatal medicine.

Main Components

UX/UI Design - Web app


California, United States


February 2017 — January 2020

Tech Stack