theBoardlist is a curated marketplace that impulses gender diversity by helping talented women to reach board positions.

The Client

Although gender diversity in leading positions is on the rise around the world, we're currently still far from seeing women having the same chances as men in making it to the big table.

theBoardlist was born with the idea of helping female talents to reach C-level positions. The platform has over 14K users, and it allows business leaders to recommend, discover, and connect with highly qualified women across many industries and organizations, private or public.

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The Task

When we started working with theBoardlist team, their app was already in production. However, they were having some critical problems with the web version of the product: the code had significant quality issues, and the platform wasn't running correctly.

On our first iteration, we aimed to fix existing flaws on the code, but soon it became apparent that it was necessary to start working on a completely new version of the product. Taking on the product development from scratch would allow us to implement our perspective and methodologies and ensure the best possible quality.

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Of course, this wasn't our first time facing a project with quality issues. So, guided by our previous experiences, we put together the most qualified team to solve the difficulties within the original code, including a Technical Leader, a Project Manager, a Full Stack Developer, and a tester.

The team identified and prioritized the bugs that needed to be fixed first in the current version of the platform, putting special attention on the existing technical debt to ensure stability. While for the new version of the web app, we set Clean Architecture guidelines and chose Nest.js as the framework.

This product is currently in development. Once the new, revamped version of theBoardlist is live, we'll post the updates of the project here.

Tech Stack

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