QualMelhorPlano allows Brazilian customers to compare and choose the best internet, cable TV, and cell phone plans based on their specific needs.

Helping users

find the best plan

M2Center is a company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, dedicated to selling third-party cell phone, internet, and cable TV plans to final customers.

As a part of their business expansion strategy, M2Center wanted to create an online platform that helps customers choose the most convenient plan for them based on their specific needs. The project was called QualMelhorPlano.

We teamed up with M2Center to work on this project from scratch, and conducted a Product Discovery to establish the scope of the product, gain an in-depth understanding of the users, and lay off a solid foundation for the UX/UI Design and Development processes.

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Project goals

icon challenge
Build an online platform where users can easily compare internet, cable TV, and cell phone plans from the different providers within the Brazilian market.
Allow users to purchase any plan without leaving the website.
Provide straightforward information regarding each plan's costs and benefits, so users can deliberately choose the best one for them.


Develop a fully functional MVP in two months.
Create a platform that differentiates from the official websites from each provider.
Help users to find the best plan based on their context and particular needs.

Product Discovery


users' needs

The kick-off of our Product Discovery process had a crucial objective: understanding the users, their needs, and what they expect when searching for these services.

We conducted User Interviews to gather first-hand insights, and we created User Personas to represent the different target customers of QualMelhorPlano. This process helped us to identify four types of potential customers: individuals, couples, families, and businesses.

The User Interviews also gave us insight into user priorities and allowed us to define the correct path to take when structuring the data and information for the MVP.

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Design Sprints:

Solving problems, fast

Since we only had two months to conduct the Product Discovery, we used Design Sprints to identify the core problems, generate unique ideas, and come up with a viable and cost-effective approach.

This process allowed us to define QualMelhorPlano's value proposition and to identify the areas where the tool could be most effective for users. Prioritizing the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD), we developed the product's UX/UI and delivered a clickable, high-definition prototype ready to be tested with real users.

The product:

conceiving the solution

For QualMelhorPlano's platform, we needed to create two sites. One for users and one for the administrators. For end-users, we aimed to develop a responsive website, optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

We agreed with the client that the best approach from a product standpoint was to launch an MVP packed with the core functionalities and to plan a progressive evolution of the app for the following months.

Then, we defined a roadmap with different milestones for the product, the features to be included in each version, and the expected release dates.

Later on, we prioritized features based on two parameters: Level of Effort (LOE) and Importance. That is, the number of hours needed to develop any given functionality, and the value each feature had on users and the business.

building MVP
We started working on the wireframes and user flows and built a prototype to test the app's main functionalities.
Smart search:
one of the features we proposed was an online wizard to help users identify the best plan for them based on the number of people in their household, type of use, and available plans.

users found it very helpful to be able to filter plans by price, type, and benefits. We designed a straightforward and compact UX to offer ease-of-use.

Explanatory videos:
during User Interviews, we learned that most potential users didn't understand many of the technical terms utilized on the plans' descriptions. We developed the concepts of "Basic", "Multimedia & Streaming", and "Online Gaming & Family" to make it easier for users to find a plan, and proposed a series of explanatory videos.

we created a set of visual elements to help potential customers easily identify whether a plan was on discount, on sale, or recommended for a particular type of user.
On-site quick purchases:
M2Center wanted their product to not only help customers choose a plan but to facilitate purchases directly from QualMelhorPlano's web app. The goal was to find a way to allow users to acquire a plan directly from the platform rather than redirecting them to a third-party site. That way, M2Center could earn commissions on each sale.
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Web Frontend Developer
Backend Developer,
Product Manager,
QA tester, Technical lead,
Project Manager,
UI Designer


Sao Paulo, Brazil


September 2019 - November 2019


Communication Services


During the Product Discovery stage, we helped the client validate their assumptions and gather valuable information to develop a product that solves the problems customers usually face when choosing a plan.
Our purpose was to conceive a user-friendly product that was radically different from the solutions currently offered by the competition.
The first version of the web app is already live

Tech Stack

Considering the product requirements and the tight deadlines of the project, we opted to work with these technologies for the MVP's backend and frontend.
react for Bixlabs 2javascript framework next nest developers Heroku Logo
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MenuD Dashboard
Date My Friend Dashboard
Sports OnTime App
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REMAX Dashboard
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