Where’s the team located?

Our team works remotely around America and Europe. Our headquarters are located in Uruguay, and we have offices in Ecuador and Houston.

What verticals do you have experience in?

Throughout our time in the industry, we have worked with healthcare, real estate, fintech, restaurants/food, insurance, social networks, automobile, travel, movie/filmmaking, meditation, inspection, internal business administration, and automatization.

All these industries have provided us with confidence and versatility in a myriad of fields.

What technologies do you work with?

We have experience in a wide variety of technologies for different types of projects. 

These technologies include Node.js, React.js, Flutter, React Native, Angular.js, Golang, Vue, Swift, and Kotlin.

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What’s the Product Discovery service?

The discovery is a risk mitigation service. Apps fail because they don't deliver value by solving real problems for the users.

The Discovery manages the risk of identifying the core problem, constructing a method of measuring the effectiveness of a solution, and validating designs and features in an intense and short time frame before dedicating time, energy, and resources months on end for development.
We work closely with our clients to understand their vision, their users, and their problems to craft and validate a prototype using a proven methodology within 3 weeks. 
The goal is to validate hypotheses to achieve a fast product/market fit, in order to provide value using the most direct path. The value is in avoiding poor decisions and managing risky ones thoughtfully.
The Discovery process has daily deliverables in order to prioritize, define, and craft the most direct solution to a target problem.

What is an MVP?

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the minimum effort needed to prove that the product provides value for users and produces product-market fit. 

Often thought of as the first workable version, it's really the first version that provides a signal to continue the effort. In many cases, it doesn't even have the most important or ambitious features.

The MVP is the most direct resolution of the problem, and it addresses the riskiest parts of the critical path of the product funnel. It's not that the product must have the best or highest impact features; it's that it must not fail to resolve the problem.

Sometimes, through the discovery process, we learn that the MVP may not even result in an app.

How long does it take to build an MVP?

If the MVP is determined to be an app, a standard MVP generally takes 3-4 months to build.

How much does it cost to build an MVP?

A standard MVP costs about 20-60K. The total cost will depend on the number of team members involved throughout the project.

Why is UX/UI so important for a project?

Products are defined along 3 vectors: saleability, feasibility, and usability. Usually, clients validate that a potential product is in high demand (saleability) and economically viable (feasibility) through their own industry experience. However, this doesn't guarantee that a product will be successful.

Products also need to be easier to use than competing solutions (usability). 

Incorporating UX/UI Design into your software development process isn’t just about applying specific tools or techniques. It’s about a whole mindset you need to have.

Every decision made needs to be based on strong argumentation and validated user feedback, putting the user's needs first.

Done correctly, UX/UI speeds up the development process by making the product more conceptually compact and concise, managing the risk of changing specifications and market demands, and providing organized material for the development team for straightforward implementation.

Do you work with the fixed price model?

The Discovery process and each of its iterations is fixed price.

During development, we work with the time and materials model, charging depending on the time spent and the materials used to build the product.

This model allows both you and the development team to have more flexibility and a better capability of adapting to changes.

How do I know what the team is working on?

We give you access to our ClickUp board where you can see what tasks have been completed and which ones are being worked on. You can also request a weekly report to the project manager.

How often will I receive updates from the team?

You have communication with the team through Slack, during the workday. Our team has daily meetings, refinements, planning, and demo meetings to which you are welcome to attend and where you will receive updates of the project. You can also request a meeting at any time with the assigned project manager if there is anything to discuss.