We're committed to making digital products with a substantial impact on today's world. We train ourselves continually to achieve the highest quality and keep innovating in our work methodologies.
Our journey began with a vision. Back in 2014, we were two persons with a background in software development dreaming of working on challenging, social impact projects.

We wanted to create a place where we can bring together the best talents in Latin America. A place where we can put technology in use to add value to people's lives. That's how Bixlabs was born.

It was a pretty ambitious dream for two people. But the tools we have today within our reach allowed us to start shaping that vision. That’s how the first remote software engineer joined our team —the first of many.

One of our primary goals is to elevate the work quality standards in the region. In this sense, Bixlabs is an opportunity for many developers to professionalize themselves and expand their skills without having to move out to big cities.
We're continually training ourselves, testing new technologies, and improving our work methodologies to expand our knowledge and best practices.

Today we have a team of more than 40 members working from different parts of Latin America. Designers, developers, creatives who care for the same social causes than us; passionate professionals with an ever-improving spirit, eager to help companies build amazing products.




Team members
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OFFICES in Montevideo
We want to combine technology and human capabilities to build products that make people's lives easier. We work every day towards that goal, and that’s the mindset I always aim to transmit to the team.
Alfredo Levy, CEO
Alfredo Levy CEO Bixlabs

Social Impact

Bixlabs is dedicated to improve the world we live in
From the beginning, our purpose was to create experiences with value to users. Some of the social impact projects we've worked on throughout these years are:

Remote Work

From the start, we've been a team of remote professionals. That helped us perfect our work process and optimize our internal and external communication.
We aim to offer to people from different countries, with different realities, the opportunity to develop their skills and grow professionally.

They are the talent representing our
region and the engine that powers Bixlabs.
We respect the local traditions of each employee, and from time to time, we like to visit the hometowns of our different team members, learn from their culture and experience.
Joseph, Technical Leader
Bixlabs collaborators

Our mission, all around the world

We work at a global scale. Here are some of the places where
you can find us.

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Montevideo, Uruguay

Atanasio Lapido 2811
+598 2 706 7505info@bixlabs.com
Houston, United States

Ana Dawson
Houston Office:1301

Fannin Street Suite 2440
+1 (281) 786 9957adawson@bixlabs.com
St. Catharines, Canada
San Salvador, El Salvador
Madrid & Barcelona, Spain
Dublin, Ireland
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
Barranquilla, Colombia
Quito, Ecuador
Santiago de Chile

We're not a typical software development company

Here's what make us stand out:

We work with an integrated product development process that ranges from validating your hypothesis, all the way through launching.
We have over five years of experience facing challenging projects remotely. That allows us to work efficiently with international customers and talented professionals distributed all over the world.
We have a fully dedicated multidisciplinary team made of highly educated members with years of experience in the field.
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